Please note

Examine the educational institution's criteria for assesment in quota 2 for activities abroad eg. length of stay abroad, volunteer work, paid work or educational acitivities.

Please note, that there may be different criterias for each specific education and educational institution.

Beware of the 12 month rule: The educational institutions can only assess quota 2 activities for a total period of 12 months. You must state the entire duration of your stay abroad.

Examine criteria and deadlines for documentation concerning study abroad at the educational institution's own website.

How to fill in the section 'Abroad stay'

  • Click the pencil to the far right to fill in the blanks

  • Select the country in the drop down menu, that you have travelled or stayed in

  • Write what you did in the country, eg. round trip, work or study stay

  • Select start and end dates under 'From' and 'To'

  • Write how many months your stay abroad was

  • Click the check mark when you have finished filling out the blanks

  • Click the + (plus-icon) to add more stays abroad if relevant

  • Click 'Add Attachments' at the bottom of the page to upload documentation for your stay abroad

    • You can also upload documentation later under the tab 'Attachments'.