Please note

If you are an applicant with a Danish CPR-number, you can log in to from around the world with your NemID.
If you log in with NemID, your diplomas are retrieved an will appear in the application at, if they are stored in Eksamensdatabasen. Diplomas can only be stored in Eksamensdatabasen if your diploma is from Denmark.

If you do not have the opportunity to apply for educational programmes at during the application period, you can give another person power of attorney to apply on your behalf.

To apply by proxy you must:
  • Find the declaration of power of attorney
  • Specify which educational programmes you want to apply for and in which order of priority
  • Sign the declaration of power of attorney together with the person you wish to give power of attorney
  • Save all necessary documents as pdf files (diplomas, any individual subject certificates, any motivated application, etc.) and send them to person holding the power of attorney
The holder of the power of attorney must:

The holder of power of attorney will now receive an e-mail with a link to the application at and must complete the application on behalf of the applicant.
See the application guide if there are any questions along the way. 

The holder of power of attorney should pay extra attention to:

  • Complete the address information and entry qualifications for the applicant
  • Find the programmes listed under the tabChoice of education programme and fill in the applications 
  • Click the Approve button
  • Print a signature page for each educational programme and sign it with your own name
  • Send the signature page by e-mail or by mail to each of the educational programmes together with a copy of the signed declaration of power of attorney

Read more about the signature page at and see which educational institutions accepts to receive the page by mail (in Danish).