Please Note

If you do not have a qualifying exam, but other equivalent professional qualifications, you can apply for admission with special permission.

The education institution can inform you of your special permit options. It is the individual educational institution that assess whether your qualifications correspond to a qualifying exam.

The application deadline for applicants seeking admission on the basis of a different basis of access than a Danish upper secondary school examination is no later than March 15, 12 noon (CET)

  • Select No admission exam under Entry qualifications

When you fill in the application to the education institution under the Choice of education programme tab, you will see the field Application with special permission.

  • Check if you want to apply for special permission now, or if you have previously received special permission for admission to the programme
  • Specify the journal number and date, if you have previously received special permission
  • Click the Add Attachments button at the bottom of the page to upload the relevant documentation. You can also upload documentation for special permission later on the Attachment tab