• Click the pencil to the far right to fill in the blanks
    • Write the name of the educational programme
    • Write the educational institution
    • Enter the year in which you started the education
    • Specify the year, in which you would complete the education, if you chose to complete it
    • Leave the field Year interrupted blank
    • Fill in the Number of passed / expected passed ECTS credits. Include the subjects and courses you expect to pass before July 5
    • Click Yes in the field Still admitted
    • Click the check mark, when you have completed this section
    • Upload relevant documentation by clicking Add Attachments. You can also upload documentation later under the tab Attachment

    • Click + to the far right to add more educational programme(s), if applicable

    Once you have passed the expected subjects and educational elements, you must log in to Optagelse.dk again and upload documentation under the tab Attachment. Please see the educational institutions website for the deadline for uploading attachments.

    If you are offered a place of study at an educational programme and take it, you must be sure to end your current education by contacting the administration at your current educational institution. This must be done, before the start of the new education.

    It is important to check the website of the new educational programme to see what documentation they require concerning passed exams from your current education.