• Click the tab 'Choice of education programme'
  • Click the button 'Add education programme to your priority list' 
  • Find the educational programme. You can search for the name of the educational programme via the search box
    • Optionally, sort by region or language
  • Under 'Study start', select if you want to sort by time of study start

  • Click the small arrow to the left of the programme's name to see admission requirements and find links to more information about the programme
  • Click the button 'Choose' to make an application for the education
  • Fill in the application

  • Click 'Save' and add the education programme to your priority list to complete your application
  • Sign or approve new applications on your priority list.

Please note

You can add new applications to your priority list until March 15th before 12 noon (CET), when you apply with a non-Danish exam.