• Choose non-Danish exam under Qualification type
  • Choose IB under Entry qualifications
  • Scan and save your IB Diploma in pdf format
  • Go to the tab Attachments 
  • Click the button Add Attachments
  • Find your IB Diploma on your computer
  • Name the file IB Diploma in the text box and click OK 
  • Click the check mark next to the educational programme(s) you wish to attach it to. If there is no check mark next to the specific educational progamme, the institution will not receive the attachment

Have you taken your IB in Denmark?

  • Choose International Baccalaureate(IB) under the tab Entry qualifications
  • Enter the year you finished or expect to finish your IB in the tab Year of completion of degree

Your IB Diploma will not be registered in the Danish Exam Database. You must upload your proof yourself (see above).

Please note

Deadline is March 15, 12 noon (CET) for applicants with an IB diploma, since IB is viewed as an international exam though you may have completed it in Denmark.

If you pass your IB exam the same year you apply for an upper educational programme, your IB coordinator at your IB school has to sign you up to IBNET's result service. This is an online database, where the education institution can retrieve your diploma electronically. You have to give your IB coordinator permission before May 1.